Avery Boser, also known as "AVE," is an American artist born in Las Vegas, NV. From a young age, art has been an integral part of AVE's life, chosen as an elective in school and inspiring pride in his creative endeavors during his formative years. However, it was during his college years at the University of Utah that art truly took center stage, as he found himself surrounded by a vibrant community of artists, both in person and through social media, particularly during the challenging times of COVID-19.
     During this period, AVE's passion for art flourished, leading him to organize "Art Night" parties at his previous residence in UT. As a result, his creativity soared, and collaborations with fellow artists became a regular occurrence. Today, Avery continues to explore and embrace his art journey, continually evolving as an artist.
Notably, Avery has achieved recognition as a published illustrator for "The Salty Lake," a comic book released in 2021, as well as a children's book titled "The Book About Nothing," published in 2023. His dedication to art remains unwavering, and he actively engages in new projects and collaborations with exceptional artists. Furthermore, he constantly expands his expertise in digital art and explores the realm of NFTs, keeping abreast of the latest developments in the art world.
Beyond his artistic pursuits, AVE indulges in several hobbies, including playing basketball, cherishing quality time with family and friends, visiting museums, enjoying anime, and immersing himself in nature. These experiences undoubtedly enrich his creativity and artistic vision.
     As Avery Boser's artistic journey continues to unfold, he remains steadfast in his commitment to creating remarkable art, captivating audiences with his unique vision and style.

     Entity is a character originally formed as Avery was rediscovering his love for art. What began as a mindless one-line scribble, inspired by Keith Haring, has evolved over time in form and meaning as it continues to resurface and inspire his artistic journey, becoming the personification of his artistic soul. The continuous one-line design stresses the connection between mind, body and universe while its simplicity highlights our primary features.
     Entity's form starts at the center of the mind just as existence begins with awareness of self. The concentric circles represent the rhythm of the mind and breath, which can be unified to control emotions as we see in "The Book About Nothing." The mouth and ears enable communication through vibrations, also created by unifying the mind, breath and body. The DNA strand reminds of our innate connection to the universe and the natural frequency that provides the blueprint for all existence. The heartbeat is the rhythm of our body, providing our connection to the physical world and the rhythms of those around us.